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Mirius are delighted announce the addition of TWO new disinfectant products to our Biosecurity product family. Formulated to make the highest levels of on farm hygiene even easier to achieve, can we introduce you to OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O. Our two new, high quality, high performance, effervescent Chlorine Tablets.

What are OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O?

Anyone familiar with our products may be thinking, OmniChlor, that’s not new? And you would be correct, at least to a point. OmniChlor chlorine tablets have been a stalwart of the Animal Biosecurity product family here at Mirius for some time. However, not a company to rest on our laurels, we have taken a great product and made it, well, even better. How might you ask? Firstly, by improving its performance, proven via extensive laboratory testing to internationally recognised standards and secondly, by creating pack sizes that better suit the needs of the user and what was OmniChlor has now become 2 products OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O.

OmniChlor Plus is on the list of Defra approved disinfectants for all 5 orders, including Tuberculosis – which is an immediate performance enhancement! It is an effervescent, water-soluble disinfectant. In tablet form it is easy to use and provides a controlled dose of chlorine disinfecting performance. High dilution rates and accurate dosing, offer significant savings when compared to liquid disinfectants, which makes it ideal for general disinfection around the farm – whether there is an outbreak of a notifiable disease or not.

OmniChlor H2O whilst not on the Defra approved list provides the same high levels of disinfecting performance, and it can be put to all the same uses as its little brother. However, a larger tablet, in a 5L bucket makes it an ideal candidate for dosing IBC’s, header tanks and livestock drinking water systems. It is proven effective against a whole host of water-borne pathogens, which can cause major problems in Livestock – especially in poultry, leading to slow growth, poor performance, sickness and even death.

Why do I need OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O?

We understand how important a practical and rigorous biosecurity programme is. Both for the welfare of your Livestock and because of the positive impact this has on profitability. Good biosecurity practice is an investment, upon which you should expect a return.  The emergence of new microbial challenges and the persistence of endemic diseases, threaten this and demand new products with superior performance characteristics are developed. OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O fill that space perfectly. They have been created to address the constant threat presented by pathogenic microbes and the diseases they cause to the broader agricultural community. Not only that, they also further extend the choice of high quality, high performance disinfectants offered to market by Mirius.

Why supply both OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O?

I think we can all agree choice is important, particularly when it comes to disinfectants. There are application, performance and let’s face it budgetary requirements that all need to be taken into account. We understand a broader range of products allows our customers to not only source a complete solution from a single supplier that they trust, but also chose products that best suit their individual needs. Whilst both OmniChlor variants are equivalent in terms of performance they each are optimised for different applications. Should there be an outbreak of a notifiable disease, or if your preferred year round choice is for a Defra approved product  OmniChlor Plus is the obvious candidate. Should a product be required for disinfecting animal drinking water OmniChlor H2O offers a convenient, easy to use, cost effective solution. One that can be trusted to help reduce the viability of pathogens, which are detrimental to the provision of safe, clean water.

Why would I choose OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O?

Both OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O have been subjected to an extensive testing regime. Using Internationally recognised test methods we can demonstrate, with confidence the superior antimicrobial performance of both products. This impressive set of results prove beyond doubt the products are effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Mycobacteria, Spores and Fungi.

OmniChlor Plus has been approved by Defra and is presented accordingly in the disinfectant list on the Defra website. You can find out more information about  OmniChlor Plus and the other Defra approved Mirius disinfectants here – Defra

Both OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O provide the functional benefit of high dilution rates ensuring optimum performance, whilst also providing significant savings by reducing waste. Both products are compatible with non-ionic and anionic surfactants, effective in hard and soft water, enhance your existing biosecurity programme and support the reduction of Antibiotic use. In a convenient tablet form they are also easy to handle and use and practical to store and transport.

What are the Applications of OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O?

Highly versatile, both products are suitable for routine and terminal disinfection in all livestock production, housing and treatment environments. They can be used in Foot baths, for disinfecting Vehicles, at Poultry House entrances and for Hand Washing. At lower concentrations they can also be used to disinfect animal drinking water systems & header tanks. They are easy to dose and dose accurately, avoiding any unnecessary wastage. The tablets dissolve quickly, even faster in warm water and you are ready to go!

To visit the product pages and download more information click here – OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O

Where can I buy OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O?

OmniChlor Plus and OmniChlor H2O will be made available for sale around the world, in the first instance, may we recommend you make contact with a member of the Mirius Healthcare team for full details. Please email: healthcare@mirius.com or call +44 (0)2476 639 739