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OmniChlor™ Plus Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

OmniChlor™  Plus is the complete farm disinfectant. An effervescent, water-soluble chlorine tablet it is easy to use and provides a controlled dose of powerful disinfecting performance. Its ability to rapidly kill micro-organisms makes it ideal for general disinfection around the farm.

OmniChlor™  Plus is approved by Defra in the UK, against Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular Disease, Avian Influenza, Tuberculosis and General orders. It’s high dilution rates and accurate dosing, ensure optimum performance and guarantee significant savings.

OmniChlor™ Plus can be used for disinfection of footbaths, vehicles, equipment, fittings, at the entrance to poultry houses, animal housing including floors, pens and bedding and at lower dosing rates to disinfect livestock drinking water.


Controls Bacteria, Viruses, Mycobacteria, Spores and Fungi

Suitable for routine and terminal disinfection and water treatment

Supports the reduction of Antibiotic use

Enhances existing biosecurity programmes

Deters biofilm growth and the spread of algal blooms

Effective in hard and soft water

Practical to store and transport

Can be used to disinfect animal drinking water

200 x 4.7g tablets per tubs producing 2.5g NaDCC

Not available in every country