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Keep horses healthy with Biosecurity Stable and Tack Disinfection.

Disinfection of equine premises and tack provides a challenge to yard managers, livery stables, private owners and recreational riders, in view of the variety of surfaces which may be contaminated and the wide variety of horse pathogens. Of the commonly occurring infectious diseases for which disinfection and disease control are especially important, Rotavirus diarrhoea, Salmonellosis and Strangles are the most difficult to control.

Effective cleaning and disinfection of all equipment, transporters and boxes, blankets, tack and the stable is an important every day necessity. Omniclean™ and Omnicide™ are proven and tested products for effective cleaning and disinfection for all areas of the horse’s environment.

The equine environment poses many challenges to effective biosecurity, due to the different surfaces and the high levels of organic matter usually present. Omniclean™ and Omnicide™ can be safely used on tack, washing machines, horse trailers and stables. It is an effective product for equine hospitals pre and post operations.