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Mirius AquaOmnicide™ is now included in the disinfectant listing scheme as managed by Cefas

UK hygiene solutions manufacturer Mirius are pleased to announce AquaOmnicide™ is now included in the disinfectant listing scheme as managed by Cefas. In a highly regulated market where product credibility is key, recognition from a respected body such as Cefas is something to shout about!

The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, or as it is better known Cefas are the UK Governments marine and freshwater science experts. Working in partnership with the likes of Defra, Westminster, as well as International Governments, Regulators and Business Cefas are committed to a keeping our rivers, seas and oceans healthy and productive.

As part of their wide-ranging remit Cefas are responsible for managing the Aquaculture Disinfectant listing scheme. Open to any disinfectant manufacturer wishing to supply biosecurity products into the UK, it has become a go to resource, recognised around the world, as a source of reliable and credible product information. Why? All products listed have demonstrated efficacy or significant performance through independent testing and validation of test data, against viral and/or bacterial diseases relevant to Aquaculture. Not only that they are compliant with other significant sets of legislation such as the EU Biocides Regulation (528/2012).


AquaOmnicide™  is a broad spectrum aquatic health disinfectant, it is proven to demonstrate a lasting effect, which is uninterrupted by the presence of organic matter and not only that it is non-tainting. What does proven mean? In this instance to the internationally recognised test standards EN 1656:2009 and EN 14675:2015 used to measure and demonstrate activity against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi. AquaOmnicide™ is specially formulated to be used in intensive aquaculture environments. It can be used in a multitude of applications from shrimp and catfish grow out ponds, to sea and river salmon and tilapia fish farms. It can also be used on equipment from nets, foot baths, wheel dips, as well as pond cleaning and disinfection and well boat cleaning and sanitisation.

AquaOmnicide™ is part of the complete range of biosecurity products Mirius supply into the growing and increasing important aquaculture sector.

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For more information on Cefas visit: www.cefas.co.uk